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Come visit.....A Special Sparkle

I'm super excited to announce a new collaborative blog, A Special Sparkle, with some great special education authors.

Come check it out today and meet all the great authors!

June Currently

It's a new month and time to link up with Oh' Boy 4th Grade for her June Currently.

1.  Everyone has raved about Dexter, but I never watched it.  My husband bought me season 1 for Mother's Day.  We just started watching it and now I'm hooked.

2.  So glad it's summer break.  My first week didn't start off too great with my daughter being in the hospital, but at least I wasn't worried about planning for a sub while I sat with her.

3.  I'm leaving tomorrow to head back to FL for a week.  I haven't packed a thing!  I need to get busy.

4.  We haven't had as much beach time this week as I would like.  Once I get back from FL, I have to get busy!

5.  You must good books, 30spf sunscreen, and yummy drinks for a good vacation!  I'm looking for something new to read now.  Any suggestions?