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Confessions of a Teacher

I'm linking up with Rowdy in First Grade for some teacher confessions.

1.  I'm secretly thankful that my daughter was sick and I needed to stay home with her today.  Does this make me a bad mother?

2.  Although giving the 27-page end-of-the-year math test is PAINFUL with my students, I'm relieved that I don't have to plan for math for at least a week.

3.  I've written an entire IEP the day of the meeting.  Maybe several times....

4.  I hate home projects and have done several of my own kids this year just to get them over with.

5.  I am seriously burned out right now.  Teaching, blogging, and TpT have become a huge chore that I just don't want to tackle right now.

6.  I cancelled our weekly fluency and spelling this week due to end-of-the-year testing and that made me super happy.

7.  I actually despise assigning, collecting, and checking homework.  I'm constantly debating whether homework is useful or not.

8.  I started the end-of-the-year countdown two months ago.  16 teaching days left!

9.  It's really sad how one person can completely make a job miserable.  :(

10.  Reading to my students is one of my favorite parts of the day.