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MobyMax Winner

Hi everyone!  Thanks so much for all who entered in the MobyMax giveaway.  The winner is:

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Please check your email Katelyn!

MobyMax Giveaway

Hi everyone!  Recently, MobyMax reached out to me and asked if I was interested in using their program with my students.  Of course, I said yes!  What teacher doesn't want a program that can be tailored to each student's needs and provides reports on progress?

There's so many great parts to the MobyMax program.  Each student starts out with a placement test.  This allows the students to start out learning on their own individual areas of need.

One thing I love is that each lesson explains to students what they are learning before practicing.  So many programs just have the students practice with no lesson beforehand.

When students make mistakes, they are given corrective feedback immediately.  This is so important for our students to learn from their mistakes!

Since I teach struggling readers, I'm always worried about students being able to actually read the text on online programs.  MobyMax provides the option to listen to all problems and stories!  Such a relief for my most struggling readers.

Not only are students engaged and practicing important skills on MobyMax, there are GREAT report options for teachers!  

If you happen to be a special education teacher, MobyMax can be customized to specifically work on IEP goals.  How awesome is that?  I love that I can customize this for each child and then use the data to help report on IEP goals!

 MobyMax is being so generous and allowing me to giveaway a subscription to their site to one of you guys!  You can enter below. :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway