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Five for Friday - August 16th

I've been slacking on the blogging issue, but I'm trying to get back in the swing of things.  I've been so tired since I started back to school.  Any other teachers dragging right now?

So I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to show you a glimpse of my week.

Last weekend, I got to meet up with some of my favorite blogging friends!  Tonya from Tonya's Treats for Teachers is on the left and just moved to Hawaii and lives right near me.  Courtney from Teaching in Paradise is next and her school is right near Target.  Here in Hawaii that's a BIG deal!  I'm next.  And then sweet Sarah from Smiling in Second Grade was here visiting for vacation and got to come meet up with us.  So fun!

My students have been reviewing beginning sounds last week.  Come check out my post {here} on A Special Sparkle about how I did an easy accommodation for one of my struggling students.

We also worked on counting on from numbers other than 1.  Look for this to be added to my TpT store in the near future!

At our Wednesday faculty meeting, we all looked at our students reading level and made a visual chart of where they fell on the Tier Level.  Here's my first grade students based upon their F&P level from the end of kindergarten year.  We also wrote where we want our students to be by the end of this year if they make a year's worth of growth.  I have 3 preA students who need to be a level D by the end of the year and 2 level B students who need to be a level G.  I have my work cut out for me!

I'm super excited about the big sale about to start on Teachers Pay Teachers.  My wishlist is FULL and I need stuff for my classroom!  My store {here} will be 20% off so you can get 28% off if you use code BTS13 at check out.  

Come Check Out My Classroom!

I've been back at work a few days and figured it was about time I showed you some updated pictures of my classroom.  Plus, my sweet friend Corinna from Surfin' Through Second is having a Classroom Theme Linky Party that I couldn't pass up.

This summer I kept seeing all the really cute chalkboard themes going around the blogging community, and the cuteness really grew on me.  Plus, I have this hideous red floor that I needed to somehow how work into a theme.  

You can see for yourself below this horrible red floor!  Whose idea was it to put that in a classroom anyway?

Here's my calendar area.  I really love this board.  My Whole Brain Teaching class rules can be downloaded for free {here}.  I love the calendar set I'm using from Growing Kinders.  

 I also love this bulletin board (please disregard the fuzzy IPhone pic).  The top pictures are Hawaii's  General Learner Outcomes that can downloaded {here} if you happen to be a Hawaiian teacher.  My color word posters can be found {here} and I have another version found {here}.  The glue bottles are another freebie from The Teacher Wife that can be downloaded {here}.

These Chalkboard Touch Point Number Posters can be found {here}.

I love my Chalkboard Alphabet Cards that can be found {here}.

I redid my word wall cards to match the images in a new intervention decoding program we are using.  I love these, but I don't know if anyone else uses the Sonday program.  So I haven't uploaded these to my TpT store.

I also organized all of my books by topics.  It's been much easier this year already.  You can find my Chalkboard Book Labels {here}, but I haven't included the letter cards yet.  I'll try to get those added in this weekend.  And boy do I need to bring in my camera to take better pictures for you guys.  Maybe I can remember to do that this weekend!

Don't forget to stop by Surfin' Through Second to see everyone else's rooms!