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A Learning Curve

Wow, learning how to be a blogger is A LOT of work and learning.  This is supposed to be my long-awaited spring break.  You know the break where I lounged on the beach all day and did nothing?  Well, I have managed to lounge around all day....but not quite on the beach.  It was windy and overcast, and I had a doctors appointment right in the middle of the afternoon.  So instead I lounged on the sofa, made this sort, and figured out how to post it on the blog.

I was inspired by Differentiation Station's OR Word and Picture Match.  When she mentioned that word sorts do not require her students to really use their decoding skills, I got to thinking about my own students and agreed.  Some of my students are struggling with CVCe patterns, so I created this to help practice with the a_e pattern.  As my first real post in blog land, I hope it all works, and someone can find it useful!  


  1. hello,
    what program do you use to create your documents. They look great.. thanks

  2. Thanks for stopping by my new blog. I used Powerpoint to create the word/picture matching and then Word to make the recording sheet.