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Review of Long Vowel CVCe Resources

Next week, my students will be reviewing the Long Vowel CVCe pattern for word study.  I'm taking the week off from making games, and I'm going to use some games I already have found and/or made.  Just in case some of you would like these same games, I'm giving you the links to where you can find them.

First, we'll play The Silent E in Space game that I made last year.  This game is already a big hit with my students.  You can get your copy by clicking the picture below.

If you click {here} you can go the ProTeacher website (love this site) and download a FREE Magic E Uno game.  You'll need to scroll down the post a little bit and then you'll see the game and directions.  I actually downloaded this game last year but never played it with my students.  We'll try it out this coming week.
Mrs. Wills Kindergarten has posted a Back to the Barn: CVCe Game on TPT.  I downloaded this game a few weeks ago but haven't cut it out yet.  That will be on my list to do for this weekend.  Click on her button to take you there.  By the way, Mrs. Wills does have tons of cute games on her TPT site (and some are free).  I would definitely check her stuff out!
You can click {here} to download 2 free CVCe games from Adrian Bruce. He also has other games listed on his site and tons of phonics posters.  I hadn't planned on using these but figured I would share the free resources.

If I get really adventurous this weekend, I may try to make some kind of picture sort.  However, I may just take the weekend off.  I don't know about anyone else, but I'm exhausted.  I need a break already, and we're not even through the 1st nine weeks!
Graphics by Scrappin Doodles.

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