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The Best of Back to School Products Premiere

I'm teaming up with Christina from Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge to show you guys some of my favorite games that I've made.

You may have heard but there's going to be a HUGE back to school sale on Teachers Pay Teachers on Sunday, August 12th and Monday, August 13th.  Everything on TPT will be 10% off using the code BTS12 and a ton of sellers will be offering even more discounts for up to a total 28% off your purchase.  My store will
 be 20% off.

So now onto my favorite games that some of you might want to use in your classroom.  Click on any of the pictures to get more details.

I just made this new Wizard of Oz Sight Word Game and LOVE it!!!  It's my new favorite!  It uses all 41 1st grade Dolch Sight Words and 31 of the Primer Dolch Sight Words.

My best seller is this adorable Er, Ir, and Ur Birds - An R-Controlled Vowel Game.

If your students need practice reading words that have the Silent E, you may want to try my Magic E game.  This game contains word pairs that have CVC and CVCe.  Such as cap ~ cape, bit ~ bite, and scrap ~ scrape.

Since fall is almost on us, I made this Happy Fall! CVC game last night.  Here in FL we don't really have a true fall but I know I'm going with the theme anyway!

Happy shopping and filling up those wish lists!


  1. its really good to read about these amazing school products
    lovely post

  2. these are all a must haves for an amazing new session to begin with lots of happy things in store. thank you for updating with this