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More Teacher Interview Questions!

On Wednesday, I posted a blog with some Teacher Interview Questions I have experienced in the process of job hunting.  I was lucky enough on Friday to interview for a special ed position here in Hawaii. I don't know if a job offer will be coming, but at least it gives me more experience interviewing.

I added Friday's questions to my original blog post down at the bottom.  I also added a download to a printable PDF file containing all of the questions that I can remember.  I'll keep adding as long as I'm job hunting.  Hopefully that post doesn't become incredibly long!  ;)

Click on the picture to check out my original post and see my updated questions.


  1. This is a great resource, Angelia! I remember being asked MANY of the same questions :) I will share your post with my friends who are job hunting! Thanks!

    EduKate and Inspire

  2. Please share with your friends! It's so much easier to go into interviews if you can think about this stuff beforehand.


  3. What a great thing to post! I wish I had been better prepared when I became a teacher. Now, I am often on the hiring team at my school, and the questions can really be tricky! I would love to invite you to share this great post at my New Year Linky Party at There are over 50 contributors already having a great time! Please come and join us!

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