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Come Check Out My Classroom!

I've been back at work a few days and figured it was about time I showed you some updated pictures of my classroom.  Plus, my sweet friend Corinna from Surfin' Through Second is having a Classroom Theme Linky Party that I couldn't pass up.

This summer I kept seeing all the really cute chalkboard themes going around the blogging community, and the cuteness really grew on me.  Plus, I have this hideous red floor that I needed to somehow how work into a theme.  

You can see for yourself below this horrible red floor!  Whose idea was it to put that in a classroom anyway?

Here's my calendar area.  I really love this board.  My Whole Brain Teaching class rules can be downloaded for free {here}.  I love the calendar set I'm using from Growing Kinders.  

 I also love this bulletin board (please disregard the fuzzy IPhone pic).  The top pictures are Hawaii's  General Learner Outcomes that can downloaded {here} if you happen to be a Hawaiian teacher.  My color word posters can be found {here} and I have another version found {here}.  The glue bottles are another freebie from The Teacher Wife that can be downloaded {here}.

These Chalkboard Touch Point Number Posters can be found {here}.

I love my Chalkboard Alphabet Cards that can be found {here}.

I redid my word wall cards to match the images in a new intervention decoding program we are using.  I love these, but I don't know if anyone else uses the Sonday program.  So I haven't uploaded these to my TpT store.

I also organized all of my books by topics.  It's been much easier this year already.  You can find my Chalkboard Book Labels {here}, but I haven't included the letter cards yet.  I'll try to get those added in this weekend.  And boy do I need to bring in my camera to take better pictures for you guys.  Maybe I can remember to do that this weekend!

Don't forget to stop by Surfin' Through Second to see everyone else's rooms!


  1. Your room is adorable Angelia! I love that red floor!! Your chalkboard decor is so cute too :) I hope your year goes smoothly ;)
    Corinna (✿◠‿◠)
    Surfin' Through Second

  2. I am a elementary special education teacher in Texas and am loving your classroom!! I know it is lots of hard work, but the openness and clear visuals are amazing!!

  3. Love whole brain teaching and their rules! Your room looks great!

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