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Correcting Letter Reversals or Rotations

I'm joining up for another monthly Bright Ideas Blog Hop!  I love getting new ideas from other fabulous teachers!

This is a post I've been meaning to write for the last month!  So many of my students have letter reversals or rotations when reading and writing.  For students that have been doing this for several years, it can be really hard to correct.  

These are the kinds of mistakes I often see.  Many people just think of the b and d reversals, but there are often errors with rotations, such as reading a 'w' as an 'm'.

The n and u rotation is usually found in more severe struggling reader cases.

Here's how I correct the errors in my class.

This little trick most often fixes the error.  

Once students trace the letter in the air or on their desk, they typically say the correct sound right away.

It's important to use the same consistent key words so that students know the letter - sound - key word correspondence.

Sometimes, you just have to tell them the sound if the other tricks didn't work.  No reason to beat a dead horse!

Hopefully, this has corrected the error.  These tricks also help when a student is writing a letter in reverse.

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  1. Wonderful reminders to help struggling readers with those tricky reversals! Thanks for sharing!
    PS - I LOVE your blog design :)

    One Sassy Teacher

  2. I love this easy procedure! Thanks! I'll be using it with my struggling readers!

  3. Great tip for little ones struggling with letter reversals, thank you for sharing.

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