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Daily 5 Book Study - Chapter 1

As usual, I'm late to the party! We've been in the middle of this crazy move from Hawaii to Florida and still don't have internet hooked up or any of our household goods.  Since we're at the in-laws for the weekend (sitting on real furniture), I can finally join up with the Daily 5 Book Study for Chapter 1 that is being hosted by Primary Inspired.

What I LOVE most about this chapter is reading how the Daily 5 has evolved from 5 rotations a day to 3.  I could honestly never see how teachers were able to do 5 rotations a day!  What a relief it was for me to hear that 3 rotations is totally fine, and it's even more fine to do what works for YOUR class! 

Chapter 1 really hit home with me as I thought this past school year of teaching a 2nd grade resource room. Last year was probably my most difficult year of teaching, and I'm using this year to reflect and  figure out how I can make it better!

This sentence really hit home with me so much that I posted about it on Instagram.

"Our reading time was this daily, frantic dance."

That described last year perfectly, and as I read Chapter 1, I realized that I should have done even more explicit teaching and practicing of behaviors last year with my students so I could have avoided that daily, frantic dance.

As I finish reading the rest of the revised Daily 5 book, I'm excited to think of the possibilities for this upcoming school year.  I'll be teaching a 1st grade general education classroom and I know this framework for running my Language Arts block will help give my students plenty of authentic time reading and receiving high quality literacy instruction.  

Make sure you stop by Primary Inspired to check out the rest of the blog posts about Chapter 1.


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