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Encouraging Quality Student Work

Some of my students really struggle with completing acceptable, quality work. We do a lot of do-overs and erasing in my room! Since we're coming back from Christmas break, I wanted us to start off reviewing the expectations of quality work by providing some visuals to help us out.

We also filled out this reflection sheet as a way to really think about whether or work is considered quality work or not.

I'll be adding these reflection sheets to my students' individual Student Data Notebooks as a reminder of what they will need to do in order to complete quality work.

For some of my students that need a more consistent visual reminder, I taped these Quality Work strips to their desks.

If these can be useful in your classroom, you can download them {here} as a freebie.


  1. Hi Angelia! I switched from teaching 2nd grade to being the school counselor this year and have been looking for some great effort resources for my younger students. I love your visual reminders-- thanks for sharing! Do you happen to remember where you found the smiley face blacklines? I've been looking for something similar for a feelings checklist I need to make for a student. Please let me know if you remember :) Thanks!

    EduKate and Inspire

    1. Hi Kate! The smiley faces came from Teaching in the Tongass.


  2. Hi Angela! I am so excited to have bumped across your blog. I am a K-1 SDC Mild Mod Teacher. I have 9 Kinders and 1 first grader. All of my boys are on the spectrum. The 1/2 SDC teacher and I are both piloting this curriculum for our district. We were only given the WonderWorks Intervention part. I have to say I lose my kiddos with the lessons. I am always having to modify the lessons. I do love the decodable readers and the tools this curriculum comes with. I use the picture cards to promote vocabulary and teach initial sounds and the frequency words before I introduce a new reading. My kiddos know so many sight words now it's awesome! I have to collect data for the curriculum specialist for SPED. She wants to see a growth chart for my kiddos. I am not quite sure yet how I am going to measure it.

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