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My apologies

I know I was supposed to host the Book Whisperer 2 days ago, and I haven't yet. My sister just had her first baby (and my first nephew!), and I made a trip home to meet him. Please forgive me for not hosting yet. I promise I will host it in the next day or so (and I'll add a freebie!). Now I need to get back to enjoying my family.


  1. Are you kidding??? Family comes first:) No apologies needed:) Congrats on your precious new nephew!!! Enjoy every second:)))

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. How exciting!! I just got back from my trip home to visit my little 2 month old nephew!

    I just got my copy of "The Book Whisperer" in the mail yesterday so this will give me a little time to catch up! Enjoy your family!!

  3. A new baby!!! That's amazing...and of course family comes first. Besides, this isn't can post whenever you want. No deadlines here.
    However, I do hope to see pictures of the little one???

  4. Congratulations to Aunt Angelia! I just found your blog today and I'm excited to have a fellow "special ed buddy" to learn from. I work as an Occupational Therapist in schools and work with such awesome special ed teachers. I'll be following along!

  5. Congratulations! You're an aunt! No apologies are needed - family is always a priority. Enjoy your family and the new baby. :)
    First Class With Mrs. Mac

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