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Bat Lesson Plans & Resources (freebie)

Well, I can tell you guys that this year has been pretty stressful for me.  I spent the best part of the school year feeling really overwhelmed with many of my students being very low and having a lot of individual needs.  Honestly, I felt like I was differentiating so much that I wasn't doing anything effectively.  I had basically differentiated myself into so much work that I couldn't keep up and was just overwhelmed.  Last week, I decided that I needed to change things up to give myself a break.  So I gave myself permission to change up what I was doing and teach something I knew I would enjoy and my kids would enjoy.

Since it's almost Halloween and I haven't spent much time on nonfiction texts, I decided that we would do a unit on bats.  I spent the weekend scouring the web for stuff about bats and MAN are there some FABULOUS units about bats.  I did end up purchasing one unit from Teachers Pay Teachers but I found TONS of free stuff. 

We started yesterday and some of the students from the other self-contained class have joined my class. I'm really excited about it, and the kids seem to be really excited about the bat stuff.  It's been a nice change of pace!  :)

I thought I would share with you guys the lesson plans I came up with and links to stuff we're using.  Maybe some of you can use the same links.  I'll definitely be posting pics as we get further into the unit.  I'm having problems with getting clickable links on my PDF (errr......Mountain Lion update for Mac) so you'll have to copy and paste the links from the last page.  Click on the lesson plans to download yours.

 I made this cute freebie graph using graphics from Scrappin Doodles.  Click on the picture to download your free copy.

Have you seen this AWESOME free sign made by The Teacher Wife?  Click on the picture to go to her blog and download your own.
Unfortunately, this has been a problem in my class this year and this sign came at the perfect time!  So as of yesterday, my classroom was a no nose-picking zone!  Surprisingly, I've only seen one student doing it since then.  But I realized my lesson about germs and getting a tissue has only gone so far.

As we were walking out to the bus, one of my students said to me that when she gets home she could pick her nose.  I didn't catch the whole sentence, so I reminded here that school was a no-nose picking zone.  Then she clarified that it was ok for her to pick her nose once she's at home which is apparently NOT a no nose-picking zone.  Sighhh.......I guess I just have to be glad she's got the hint in my classroom.

I'm thinking next up will be teach a unit on the presidential election that is coming up.  Has anyone came across any great units that would work well for primary students?  Several of my students are basically nonreaders and have trouble with comprehension, memory, and abstract thinking so I need something that will be fairly easy for them to understand.

I've also made some 1st and 2nd grade level literacy centers and activities for Halloween that you might want to check out on TPT.  Click on the picture to see more!

Once I saw these cute turkey graphics, I couldn't help but make a new CVC game.


  1. i love bats! This sounds like a fun unit! Actually there is no real reason to be afraid of bats because they generally avoid people and never "attack." The bad news is they do often have rabies. :( But they are so CUTE!

    1. That's a good point! I need to remember to bring that up to my kids. The vote was 7 to 6 in favor of being scared of bats!

  2. Ahaha I need that nose-picking poster in my room! Too many kiddos diggin' for gold! I have a bat craftivity freebie on TpT if you're interested in adding something to your plans! :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  3. Oh my, are you my clone??? I, too, am a special education teacher and teach a self-contained class of kids in grades 5K through 5th. I, also, am exhausted from so much differentiation in my classroom so I also decided to start a bat unit this upcoming week. THANK YOU so much for the activities. They truly are a God-send!! Best of luck to you!
    Thanks from one special to another,
    Mandy :)

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