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Magical Product Swap

I'm so excited to participate in Mrs. Stanford's Product Swap.


I got to the lucky blogger who was paired up with Mrs. Lirette's Learning Detectives.  She teaches Kindergarten and has such a cute blog with some awesome freebies on it.  You'll definitely want to check out her Decomposing Numbers and her I Moustache You a Question freebies.

I had the opportunity to browse through her TPT store and check out some of her great products.  I picked out her Ring Masters Sight Word Practice.

The majority of my students need A LOT  of sight word practice.  This is perfect to not only assess sight word mastery but provide a home/school connection.  There's a lot of reasons why I love this pack.

1.  There are 10 sets of words with 12 words each (120 words in all).
2.  The font isn't confusing and can be easily read by students.
3.  It's the cards are black and white so they look great printed on colored cardstock (cheaper for me!).
4.  There are assessment tracking forms.
5.  There are cute little certificates for when students pass a set of cards or need extra practice on certain words.
6.  She also has a Level 2 set of Ring Masters for when your students pass all of Level 1.  You can check that out {here}.  Even better you can get both in a combo pack {here}.
7.  Right now, she has all of her Ring Masters on sale in her TPT store {here}.

It was super easy to assemble, too.  I printed off the cards on colored card stock, cut out, hole punched the corner and put on a book ring.  Viola!  10 sets of sight word flash cards in no time.

I can't take pictures of my students at school, but luckily I have eager helpers at home that like to model for me!  

Remember to stop by Mrs. Lirette's blog today.  She's going to be reviewing some of my fall products!  In honor of the product swap, I'm putting all of my fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving items on sale for  15% off today and Sunday!

Click on the pictures to check them out.    


  1. What great helpers you have! I'm so glad you are going to get some use out of the Ring Masters Pack! Thanks for partnering up with me! :)

    Mrs. Lirette's Learning Detectives

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