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Showing Some Teacher Appreciation with a Freebie!

As you guys may know, Teacher Appreciation Day is May 7th and coming up quickly.  And boy do us teachers need to be appreciated!  We work HARD.  I hope everyone's school, parents, students, and PTA does something to make you feel appreciated.

But I know sometimes not all teachers are appreciated like they should be.  I will admit that as a special education teacher, it sometimes was hard to see the general education teachers at my school get a lot of appreciation from their students and parents.  Since I provided pull-out services, it sometimes felt like my students or parents didn't appreciate the work I put into their child's education.  I know, I's not supposed to be about getting pats on the backs by others.  But we're all human and sometimes it just feels good to know others appreciate you.

So I thought about what I could do to help show some appreciation to teachers and staff that might just need a little extra love and I created this FREEBIE for you to use with your students.  Since I teach special ed, I'll be having my students make a card for their gen ed teachers this week.

I've included several different pages, so you can change it up based on the teacher or staff member.  There are generic school pages that would be perfect for a principal, counselor, other teacher, or anyone else at your school.  I've also included some theme pages that would be good for librarians, school nurses, PE teachers, music teachers, art teachers, or lunchroom staff.

If you don't have much time, you can print one of these pages off, have your whole class sign, and add your name to the top.  Easy peasy!

I've also included some cards that you can have your students fill out individually.  There are 4 different insides you can print based off your students' abilities.  Just pick the best one for your students.  You'll need to print the front cover page and inside page and then copy them double sided.  I did have to play around with the copier at work to get them to print right.  I had to put the 2nd page in the feeder upside down.  I don't know if that is what all copiers require but it worked for mine.

I hope these can help show some love to people in your school!


  1. Thanks Angelia. It is hard to remember everyone involved in a students education, especially support staff! Hope your staff appreciates all that you do :)


  2. I'll be using these for my students to fill out. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. This is an awesome idea! I hope you get showered with appreciation our big day. You definitely deserve it. I work a lot with our special ed. teachers through our inclusion program and I try to just always tell them thank you for their help and support and make them feel like a part of my classroom. It's the least I can do! :)
    Mrs. Landry's Land of Learning

    1. Shibahn,
      I'm sure all of the teachers you work with appreciate the support! How thoughtful for you to remember them, also.


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