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Fluency, Fluency, Fluency (and a FREEBIE too!)

I've been working hard with my 3rd grade intervention groups on fluency.  Some of my kiddos like to read word-by-word in a monotone voice.  And I have a bunch of them that just say what they "think" is coming next even if it doesn't match the words on the page.  Does this sound like some of your students?

Everyday, we've been talking about what fluency means and what fluency sounds like.  We've been echo reading, choral reading, partner reading, rereading, reading and reading to help practice being fluent readers.  Of course, we've been working on decoding and comprehension skills, too.  I'll get to those in another post.  :)

I wanted some quick fluency exercises that I could use daily that would be engaging and good practice for my students.  So my fluency task cards were born.

My kids love using them.  I call them our "fluency warm-ups."  I typically pair my kids up into partners and each student gets a card.  I always ask them to read the bottom sentence first and raise their hand if there are any unknown words before we get started. 

I have the kids each read their card and then swamp cards.  Sometime we swap partners, depending on how much time we have left.

Yes, they are sitting on the ground outside.  I've got a whole post coming up about my set-up for interventions.

This is my favorite picture.  He's helping her with a word she wasn't sure about.  Love seeing the kids help each other!

You can check them out more by clicking on the picture below.

My task cards have been such a hit, that I made some specific for November.  You can check them out more {here}.



And I wanted to give you guys a freebie set to help your kiddos that need practice reading with expression.

You can download your freebie set by clicking the picture below.

I hope these will be useful in your classroom!  I'd love to hear if they were helpful with your students and how you used them.  :)


  1. They look like lots of fun and I can't wait to try them out.

  2. I cannot tell you how I excited I am about this! :) I've been using your fluency task cards for all of the same reasons you mentioned. Several of my resource reading kids have reading fluency goals and this has become a daily activity in my room and I am seeing improvements already! I know they will love the Thanksgiving themed cards as much as I do!


  3. This is perfect for next week. Thank you so much. I look forward to trying it out :)

    Curious Firsties

  4. I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.

    subject teachers

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