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St. Patrick's Day Centers, Games, and some Freebies!!

All kinds of sickness is going through my school and now it's my turn.  I left work early, because I feel awful.  So I'm being productive and finally getting a blog post up.  Too bad I need to be sick in order to get something done around here!  

I worked long and hard on getting my St. Patricks' Day Luck of the Irish Centers done in plenty of time that I could use them BEFORE St. Patty's day.  For me that is an accomplishment!

We started using the centers today by working on syllables.  My kids are making sooooo much progress on this skill, and it makes me sooo happy!

There's a ton more of activities in the unit: rhyming, medial sounds, mixed up sentences, addition, counting and more.  You can check it out {here}.

I've also got some super fun St. Patrick's Day games.  My kids love playing games and Save the Gold has always been a favorite every year.

If your kids are working on CVC words, this game will be perfect!

Now onto the freebies!  :)  These were freebies that I made last year but now I've revamped them and made them better.  So if you downloaded them last year, you'll want to redownload them.  Click on the pics below to download them.

I've also updated my Making Words - St. Patrick's Day to include the words shamrock and clovers.

I hope everyone is gearing up for a great St. Patty's Day.  The best part is St. Patty's Day means spring break is getting closer!

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