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Construction Zone - Building Short Vowel Words

One of my favorite small group activities is having my students build words.  I typically have them write a word on a dry erase board and then tell them to change one letter to make another word.  The only problem is that I have to come up with this on the super of the moment and I'm not always super quick on my feet.  

So I created this super cool Construction Zone - Building Short Vowel Words unit that I know my boys will LOVE!

There's 2 different mats for students to build words on depending on your preference.  You can print the colored mat off and use the letter tiles provided or whatever letter manipulatives you have on hand.  I always have a hard time finding enough letter manipulatives for each of my students to have enough letters.  That's why I've included letter tiles that can be printed off and cut out for each set of words you build.

 If you want to save ink, you can print the black and white version.  Students can write directly on the page or you could place it in a page protector and have students use a dry erase marker.

I've included directions for students to build words for all the short vowels, short vowel words that end in ck, and 4 sets of mixed review that contain all short vowels.

My students are going to love the construction theme and the hands-on fun of building words.  If you want to check out this unit more, please take a look at Construction Zone - Building Short Vowel Words.

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  1. Love the construction zone sheet spelling mat. I can see boys really liking that activity.

    Elementary Special Education

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