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Five for Friday - May 3rd (or 4th)

Yay for Friday!!!  I'm currently at home and lounging on the couch.  It's glorious!  My husband wants to go watch Iron Man 3 tonight, but I really just want to sit right here.  So happy that it's Friday, and I can link up for Five for Friday.

1.  This is our crazy dog, Harley.  Lately, she's gotten a little moody.  Very upset with us to the point where she won't even look at us when we pet her and she's sulking all the time.  At the new house, the kids are outside playing ALL from the second they get home.  I think she feels left out.  Who knew dogs could be so moody???

2.  Let's just say that Tuesday SUCKED big time.  Wow, it was a rough, rough day.  This was a super long week.

3.  After Tuesday, I really had to reflect on what I could do differently so that these types of behavior could be prevented BEFORE they get to this point.  Although, I'm not really sure if anything would have helped on Tuesday.  I'm working on some new stuff to help deal with anger and frustration.  I used the thermometer chart today with my student, and he really was able to identify where he was on the thermometer.  I'll be back to let you know when it's all complete.

4.  Despite all the behavior problems, I've been "trying" to get some curriculum and assessing done this week.  We've worked on composing and decomposing numbers with this awesome pack by Kindergarten Smorgasboard that you can check out by clicking {here).

5.  We also started working on place value Friday afternoon.  I had over half of my students absent Monday - Thursday.  I was hoping to start working on this earlier in the week but had to keep pushing it back.  So Friday afternoon, I got to introduce place value during an observation at 1pm.  Seriously, observations on a Friday afternoon at 1pm?  That's just not fair.  To help us practice building numbers with tens and ones, I used this awesome Constructing Numbers unit by A Differentiated Kindergarten.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


  1. Some of my student's behaviors have escalated too! I love the behavior thermometer idea...especially just the three colors. A lot of the other ones I have seen have too many colors. I will have to try that.
    Fun in ECSE

  2. After looking into a few of the blog posts on your site, I seriously appreciate your way of blogging.