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Exploring Hawaii: Likeke Falls

This weekend, we did a new hike to Likeke Falls.  The hike was so much fun!  We started up at the Pali Lookout, which is the longer way.  You can find directions on Yelp that will tell you how to get there.  I highly recommend directions or you will be searching for hours.

There's some great views as you head down the Old Pali Hwy.

There is a tricky part where you can climb down a ladder RIGHT beside the highway.  Our dog wasn't so sure about how to get down so my husband helped her.  Look how close we are to this major road!

 There were these awesome HUGE flowers.  Seriously, the thing is was almost as big as my daughter's head!  It reminded me of being in Jurassic Park or something.

You really need the directions to find the waterfall, but there are some helpful signs along the way.

And after traipsing through the jungle (literally the jungle) and getting super muddy, we made it!  You hear the waterfall before you see it, and it was awesome!

This is probably one of our top 3 hikes here so far!  We'll definitely be doing this one again.

1.  There's a waterfall……that makes it amazing no matter what.
2.  Fairly short, about 3 miles there and back.  There is a shorter way that you can get directions for on Yelp.
3.  Dog and kid friendly.  Our dogs were fine but did some coaxing around that one ladder.  On the way back, they figured out how to go up beside the ladder.  Our triplets are 8 and did this no problem.
4.  This isn't a big touristy hike so there wasn't a ton of people.
5.  You can park at the Pali Lookout for free if you're military or local.  Just show the the parking guy your ID.

1.  Hard to find without directions.  I had phone service the whole way and was able to check Yelp when we missed one of the turns.
2.  Muddy.  Don't wear nice shoes or flip flops!
3.  Mosquitos at the falls.  You may want to bring bug spray.


  1. Beautiful! Looks like the destination was worth the tricky journey! :)

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

  2. How have I not already followed your gorgeous blog????? So happy to be your newest follower!!!

    And...lovvvve these posts about exploring Hawaii! We got married in Hana, Maui and just fell in love with Hawaii! Here in WI our hallways are inside...hehehe...brrrrrr. Love how you can make use of that outdoor space!!!

    Smiles - Lisa
    Growing Firsties

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