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Exploring Hawaii: Moana Falls

A few days ago, I posted about my One Little Word balance that I will be focusing on this year {here}.  While I'm still super invested in my teaching and creating things, I'm also trying to focus more on my family.   So you guys might start seeing some of my experiences in Hawaii mixed in with some of my teaching posts.  This place is just too awesome not to share with all of you guys.  :)

This weekend, we finally made it to Moana Falls.  This is one of the more popular hikes here on Oahu, and I can see why.  It was beautiful!

Seriously, how lucky are my kids to grow up experiencing this kind of beauty in nature?

Every kid likes to swing on a vine!  Ok, this isn't actually a vine.  It's really the root that grows down from the tree branches of a Banyan tree. Pretty cool, huh?

If you're coming to Oahu, this is definitely a great little hike to check out.  

1.  It's beautiful!
2.  It's only $5 to park.
3.  This is quick, only took us an hour.  Mile in and mile out with without being too steep on a mostly gravel path.
4.  You can bring dogs, but I would keep them on a leash.  We kept ours on their leashes and it was fine.

1.  This is a popular tourist spot, so it was pretty crowded.  The crowds will probably keep us from doing it again unless people come visit that would like to see the falls.
2.  If it's been raining, the path will be muddy.
3.  The path is narrow at some points so you may have to wait on people to pass.


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