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Using QR Codes to help review!

Before winter break started, my 3rd grade intervention students were finishing up a division unit.  I wanted them to have an opportunity to review all that we have learned and a chance for me to informally assess them.  I've seen several posts in blog land and products on TpT using QR codes and thought I would give them a try.  

As we've upgraded our iPhones, we've kept all the old ones, and my kids use them to play games.  Essentially, an old iPhone becomes an iPod once you take away the phone service.  You can still download apps to it using either wifi or plugging it into your computer.  This is an easy way to get some technology for your classroom without spending money, especially if you're upgrading anyway.

I made these Winter Division QR Task Cards for my students' review.  

I paired my kids up and divided my task cards up between them all.  They each got an iPod and recording sheets.  They solved the task card problem, recorded their answer, and then scanned to see if their answer was correct.

My favorite part was that they were super engaged!  And they worked together so well.  This was super easy for them to figure out.  I had to do some reminding that you record your answer FIRST and then checked your answer, but that was minor redirecting.

Once students check their answer, they put a check mark in the snowball if the answer was correct.  This was a really great way to review the different division skills and for me to see which students were still struggling.

I love seeing my students working so diligently!

Since this was such a big success, I think I'll be using them again.  Have you ever used them in your classroom?  If not (and you have the technology), you should!  It was super easy.


  1. This is great Angela! I love using QR codes with my students. I am going to share this on my Facebook page now. I realized when I saw your name that we talked once on my TpT store. I drew some penguins for you. Do you remember?

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