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I Have, Who Has Confusing Words

I loved all the positive feedback on the Cruisin' Through Confusing Words game that I posted earlier this week.  Bloggers sure do love comments!  It definitely motivates me to keep posting and sharing.

So I made a I Have, Who Has Confusing Words game to go with it.  There are a lot of cards, but I figured I would give kids several cards to make them work harder.  Plus, I work with small groups of students so the game wouldn't be much fun if there were only 6 cards in the game!

I'm thinking of making an I Have, Who Has game that goes with the Silent E in Space game that I made last month.  We play that game frequently, because my kids still need a lot of practice with the CVCe patterns.  Would anyone be interested in that game?

Can you think of any other games/activities that you would like for your students?  I'm open to suggestions for other things I can make.  Usually, I just see areas that my kids are struggling with and make something to help them.  But I'm open to ideas from others.  My students need help with a lot of skills anyway.


  1. This is awesome!! Thank you! My kinders LOVE I have, who has games! woohoo!

    Miss Kindergarten

  2. It's great! Thanks so much! My children love the confusing word game and will surely love this one, as well!

  3. You have such wonderful ideas!! Thank you so much for sharing!

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