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Summer To Do List Linky Party

Littlest Learners is having a Summer To Do List Linky Party.  Well, I've had a to do list in my head but really need to write it out so I don't forget.

1.  Make more sight word games for my students (especially my repeating Kindergarteners and upcoming first grader).  I try to play a sight word game once a day with them, because I've seen such an improvement in their sight word identification since we started playing games.  But I'm about tired of playing Sight Word Bingo {Click here to get yours}.

2.  Create a better way to track assessments and students progress.  I had WAY too much paper this year.  I need to figure out a simpler approach.

3.  Organize how I'll use Words Their Way next year for spelling.  I used this program this year and liked it. I just need to organize it better.

4.  I've already started on this one, but I really want to focus on some phonics units.  I don't feel like the direct instruction reading program that I am required to use gives enough focus and coverage of phonics skills.  Plus, it really throws a lot at them at once.  My kids need so much repetition and practice with each skill separately before adding in a new skill.  Instead of learning all the Long Vowel CVCe patterns at once, I really want to focus on just the a_e pattern before moving onto o_e, i_e, and u_e.

5.  Spend my days tanning at the beach and watching my kids play all day.  This is by far my favorite part of summer.

6.  I've already got this book downloaded in my Nook, and I'm dying to read it.  I know this isn't high quality literature, but I'm hooked anyway.

7.  And finally June 26th can't get here fast enough because.........Waiting Sucks.  At least it does if you watch True Blood.


  1. Your kids are beautiful!!


  2. Looks a super list and I love the addition of the beach and the kids- that is a must! 7/8 wks til I can start my To Do list lol!

  3. I'd love to see your words their way in action! I'm struggling with how to implement that with my first graders (inclusion) and still incorporate the district mandated reading program.
    Teaching Happily Ever After

  4. Hi- I have a "to do list" a mile long but I posted some of my items on my blog. I also have a *Help Wanted" post if anyone is willing to offer some ideas. Thank you!

  5. i can't wait to do some of your games with cami this summer to keep her skills up for 1st grade!! :)

    i'm halfway through the new sookie book's good!! :)

    and yes, june 26th.....and this season will be ALL sorts of awesome as it's the book where eric and sookie....well, you know! i can't wait to see LOTS of eric!! hahah!

  6. Sarah - Let Cami know that I'm working on a special princess sight word game just for her now. As soon as it's done, I'll let you know.

    I still haven't started the new Soooki book and it's killing me. I CANNOT wait for June 26th. All the previews and teasers have been soooo good!

  7. I just picked up that book from the library today!! I can't wait to start it!!


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