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Prepping Struggling Readers for Standardized Testing

Although my students are struggling readers, who are below grade level in their reading ability, they are still required to take the same standardized testing as their gen ed peers.  As we were preparing to take this year's FCAT test, I realized my kiddos were having a difficult time reading the questions.  This is a sample question provided for the new FCAT 2.0 that my 3rd graders took this year:

What is the purpose of the illustration on the second page of the story?

Yikes!  There's some BIG vocabulary words in that question!  I decided to try and treat these types of words like sight words.  The kids needed a lot of exposure to them, so they could easily read the test questions.  They have enough trouble struggling to read the passages as it is.  To help them, I created this game.  You can download it for FREE by clicking on the picture.

Next year, I plan on start playing this game much earlier in the year.  How do you help prepare your struggling readers for the big test?


  1. Love this idea! Great reinforcement!


  2. I love your blog!!!!!

  3. I also love your blog! Glad I found it! :)


  4. So cute! p.s. did you get the link to the TBA google docs calendar? I saw that you needed it, but I can't remember if I emailed it to you! email me at misskindergarten{at}hotmail{dot}com if you still need it.

    Miss Kindergarten