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Yes, IEPing is an official verb in my household.  My husband just looked at me and asked, "Are you IEPing?"  We're so close to the end of the year but there's so still so much paperwork left to do.  I have an IEP tomorrow, 3 on Friday (not by my scheduling), 2 others that I need to sit in on to prepare for next year students, 1 that I definitely have to schedule (tomorrow's to-do list), and 1 more that I may have to schedule.  And.....there's still paperwork left from the 2 IEPs I had on Friday that MUST be finished.

Ughhhh.......I'm tired of IEPing.  Anyone else out there tired of IEP meetings?  To keep myself motivated I made this super cute bulletin board.

I saw it posted on someone's blog (I can't remember where) and fell in love.  I was pretty impressed with myself that I was able to replicate it.  This board makes me smile every morning when I rip another number off.  There's actually only 18 days of school left which makes it even better!  So hang in there everyone.....the IEPs are almost over with for this year!


  1. ME, ME, ME!! I think I only have 4 IEPs left this year! And no more assessments!!!

  2. Add me to the list. We don't have meetings around them but I still have to finish them off for the end of the year. We have a little longer to go though, as our year ends at the end of June.

  3. I'm doing a linky party with bulletin board ideas. I would love for you to add this post!

    Join up at Teaching Happily Ever After!

  4. I just started working with my new teachers on changing how we write our IEP's and use the new standards. Have you given a thought to that yet?