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Balancing Act - Making Life Work

What I've learned is that being a teacher is demanding and time consuming.  That's not necessarily a bad thing.....but it can be hard to be juggle it all.

I've also learned that being a mother is demanding and time consuming.  And being a wife is demanding and time consuming.

With all those demands and time consuming things, it's hard to make it all work.  Since moving to Hawaii, I've had to readjust some things to make life easier for me.  It also means that I've had to become a little more organized and efficient.  That has been a good thing.  Otherwise, I might go crazy!  And nobody needs a crazy teacher or momma.

Right now, life seems to be one big balancing act.

Don't you just love the chevron background in that picture?  My sweet friend Corinna from Surfin' Through Second made it, and I love the hand drawn work!  She has a great selection of frames, papers, and fonts in her TpT store {click here}.

Let me show you my biggest dilemma.  My kitchen in our rental house.'s small.  Incredibly small.

First the cabinets.  Do you see how narrow this is?  Who in the world designed these things?  And what should I put in there that will fit? 

Let's just not mention the not so great quality of these pics I took on my phone.

Then there's the size.  It's a TINY kitchen.  You can open the oven door.

Or the fridge door (partially) but not both.  Seriously, every time I open the fridge I need to take deep breaths or I might cry.

And if anyone else comes in the kitchen while I'm in there, I get a serious feeling of claustrophobia.  Needless to say, I've been trying my hardest to make SUPER simple meals and keep myself out of the kitchen.  Not really a good objective when a bunch of hungry kids want to eat.  But I'll post more about dinners later.

Basically, I need to be super organized.  Here my kids go to the school on base, and I commute to work about half an hour away.  That means the kids go to before and after school at their school, and we leave the house around 6:25 everyday.  Lucky for me, they get up early anyway!

I knew there's no way I could get them up even earlier to eat at home before going to before school care.  I also don't let my kids eat or drink anything with red dye (lord help the boys' teachers if I did).  That means it's up to me to feed them breakfast and lunch.

Here's our solution that has been working out really well so far.

Every night, I set out this.  The tropical flower bags (and the ziploc bag for the kid who forget his at school) are their breakfast bags and the other ones are their lunch boxes.

In the breakfast bag, I put stuff like this and I throw in a yogurt in the morning.  The ziploc bag has a cinnamon roll in it.  I'll add things like blueberry muffins (make a batch on Sunday), Nutrigrain bars, and sometimes a poptart.  The kids are happy.  I feel like they've gotten a decent enough meal to last them during the morning.  And it's not too much work.

For their lunchboxes, I use these awesome containers that I got at Target.  Each compartment is sealed. You can put things like applesauce in there, and it doesn't leak.

The container is marked Not PB, because the kids school is peanut butter free. This week I started making them sunflower seed butter and jelly sandwiches.  So far, they love it and haven't complained.  We also put in leftover quesadillas and pizza.  They don't care that it's cold so that is another easy lunch.

I also add these ice packs that came from Target.  They seem to keep everything cold enough.

So that's how I keep my kids from starving during the week, except they still act like they're starving when they get home every day.  How do you other moms make it all work?


  1. I applaude you on your balancing act. I only have one, he is just over 2 years old, and I want to pull my hair out some mornings. He is independent enough that I can give a small breakfast, turn on Mickey Mouse, and he is fine while I get ready. However, when it is his turn to get dressed it is another story. The tantrums begin and I'm looking at the clock thinking not today, we are already running late. So good for you for finding a system that works for you and your family.


    1. Well, I don't know how much I make it work but at least the kids don't starve every day! LOL. That's part of the battle. 2 is such a hard age!!! I hope this stage ends soon for you!!


  2. I love hearing about your adventures in Hawaii. The pictures are the best! I've always wanted to visit there. Keep up the great work!

  3. Thanks! There's a lot we still have to do and explore so keep checking back for more pics!


  4. I run into similar problems in the Silicon Valley. It is impossible for two people to be in the kitchen comfortably. It made me giggle to see your towel. I have the same set. I love your ziploc too. I need to get a set for when my little man is big enough for school lunches.
    Life with Mrs. L

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