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Visual Charts for Behavior (Freebie)!

Teaching special ed has taught me the power of visuals.  My students do SOOOOOO much better if they have a visual reference.  And that goes for anything!  

I've been using this awesome visual from Deanna Jump's and Deedee Willis' Writing Through the Year packet to encourage my students to sit properly when we meet at the carpet for morning meeting.  

The binder clip allows me to easily take the chart on and off the wall without having to poke a billion holes in it or take out the thumb tack.  That brilliant idea came from the other resource teacher in my room.

The first thing I do when we all come to the carpet is remind the students what a good listener looks like.  I always refer to the chart.  During the morning meeting, I can quickly refer to the chart if someone is not sitting the proper way.  Most of the time, a quick reference to the chart will get my students back on track.

I noticed that while my students were improving their ability to sit properly on the rug they were having HUGE problems sitting at the small group table.  Oh man, I was telling them 100 times to sit in the chair the right way, quit playing, stop this, stop that, on and on and on.  I was tired of reminding them and tired of listening to myself speak.

So my Good Learners visual chart was born!

I just started using it on Friday, so I can't say exactly how effective it will be.  But I believe it will help!

If you want your own Good Learners chart, please click on the pic to download yourds.

Graphics from Scrappin Doodles.  Fonts from Kimberly Geswein and Jen Jones.

How do you keep your kids on task and sitting properly?


  1. This is really cute! I'm beginning to see how much my first graders need visuals. It's amazing sometimes how much I have to remind them. Lol


  2. Thanks for sharing! I agree that visuals definitely help all special ed students! I can't wait to try this out with my little ones during center time.

  3. thanks. I'm printing now. some of my students have fallen and it's a miracle they weren't hurt. a few never finish anything. this is really timely. thanks again.

    1. Oh my goodness.....I have some that cannot seem to stay in a seat either. I don't get it. It's not like the seat is moving!

  4. Love these! Thanks for sharing! I can stop giving those kiddos "the EYE" and just point to the chart instead! :)

    Third Grade Bookworm

    1. LOL. I can't seem to keep my kids' attention long enough to give them the eye. You're already a step ahead of me!

  5. Super cute! We use a very similar visual :)

    - Sasha
    The Autism Helper

  6. Yep - a picture is worth a thousand words!1 And this visual is adorable! Thanks. Renee

  7. Hey! Thanks for your ideas on my Iguana! I actually stumbled on a vowel pack of clipart from Little Red's School House as I was rushing to find a cute image in 5 mins or less before school started. You should pop over and check it out. I LOVE the clipart set and can't wait to make more stuff with it. I named him Iggy and it was a total success. I definitely need to get that no nose picking sign! I caught every single kid doing it today!! EWW!

    In my class we use the Social Thinking "Whole Body Listening" and "Keep your brain in the group." Sometimes my guys have their body right, but their brain in outer space!

    The Lower Elementary Cottage

  8. This is so cute and perfect! Thanks for it!

  9. Haha! Sorry about the extra code stuff! I goofed and copied the wrong thing. :)
    Mrs. Landry’s Land of Learning