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Five for Friday - March 15th

I'm super excited about joining up for this week's Five for Friday, because I'm now on Spring Break!!!!  

Wooohoooo!!!!  We have a weird schedule where we're off for over a week.  We're off for next week and then Monday and Tuesday of the following week.  We go back on Wednesday and Thursday and off again on Friday.  So strange!  I took that Wednesday and Thursday off, which means I have 2 whole weeks off of work!  YAY!!!

I don't have tons of school stuff from this week, because I didn't get many pictures taken.  But I have pics of other things!

1.  My daughter ran in her first track meet and did AWESOME!  She was 2nd place in the 300 meter hurdles.  I was soooo proud of her!

2.  There's this AMAZING crepe restaurant here.  It's my favorite place to eat breakfast here.  So yummy!

3.  I FINALLY bought ink for my printer.  I spent last weekend printing and cutting up a storm.  I even had a blister on my thumb from so much cutting!

4.  I mentioned before that I've started using these awesome Draw It Now! Guided Drawing Literacy Centers with my students.   I really think this is worthwhile for my students.  They need so much help with learning to draw.  Even with me modeling each step, these are pretty challenging for my students.    This week, we did W is for Whale. 

In my class, I happen to have 2 aides.  One provides one-on-one support for a student with behavior problems and another aide for the class.  This is what I found on my aides' table after the guided drawing lesson was over.  I guess my students aren't the only ones learning.  ;)

5.  Today, we went on a field trip to the zoo!  Be on the look out for some field trip reflection forms coming up soon!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. I popped over from the Doodle Bugs Friday Five :) and I'm so glad you linked-up! I hadn't seen that drawing pack before and I'm so glad to have found it!! class could def use some help in that area!! LOL!!

    Happy Teacher Heaven

  2. Love the pic of you and your daughter---and the crepe...OH MY!

    First Grade and Fabulous