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March Currently!

I know I'm breaking the rules with 2 blog posts in one day BUT I can't pass up Oh' Boy 4th Grade's Currently.

So here's my March Currently.

Listening: Oh to be young again and entertained by flashlights!  Love those kids! :D

Loving: Seriously, so glad it's Friday.  :)  This was week NOT good. :(

Thinking:  It's Friday night and I'm already stressing about work on Monday.  This is not good.  I have to stop!  :(

Wanting: 10 more teaching days till Spring Break.  And yes, I have an end of the year countdown, too. :/

Needing: My husband dropped his surfboard on my printer.  I really want a super nice laser one now.  I think he owes me.  ;)

Like, Love, Hate: Well what can I say.......A is a hard letter to use!  :P

Make sure you stop by and link up with Farley for Currently March.


  1. Ha, ha, ha, alcohol!! I think we are going to have fun at Tiki's!! Surfboards are not allowed in my house. My hubs would sleep with his if he could;) Hope you are feeling better:)

    Surfin' Through Second

    1. I can't wait for Tiki's! We're going to have a blast! My husband's surfboard is no longer allowed in the house either. But I hope I get a nice new printer out of it.


  2. I hate when it is a bad week at work! Try to enjoy your weekend as much as possible! The crash game is super easy to play. You put any skill you want on the cars and on some of the cars you put the word Crash! One at a time each student picks a car and identifies the skill and they get to keep the car. If you get a Crash! car all of the cars you collected have to go back in the middle. I hope you get a new printer and have a great weekend!
    Fun in ECSE

    1. I play a Zap! game that is the same format with my kids. I just use notecards and write Zap! on 2 of them. The kids think it's the best game EVER. It actually cracks me up because it's so simple.


  3. Found you on Farley's currently. I have a countdown for the end of the year also!!!!!! It's definitely a year I need it!!!

    Tales of a Fourth Grade Teacher