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Happy Birthday TBA!

It's hard to believe that Teaching Blog Addict  is almost 2 years old!  It seems like just yesterday I was thinking about creating a blog and making stuff to use in my classroom.  I have to say that blogging and networking with other amazing teachers has made such an impact on my own teaching.  I've come a long way 2 years!

April 5th is going to be the big celebration that you will not want to miss!  There's going to be TONS of freebies and other awesome things.  Make sure you check back on April 5th to see the awesome things planned on TBA.

1 comment:

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    Writing is a skill that never goes away. If your students write something for their blog every day, they will express their thoughts and feelings on a reliable basis. Through more blogging practice they will become better communicators. In a classroom we may find children less noticed in certain topics or in writing, but creating a comfort zone with a relaxed and fun of writing we can help students to find out more good-looking getting involved and joining in this classroom event that may improve their writing skills. The communication that we are raising and the exchange between students when using a blog will help as well pupils to know their choices and even explore new subjects. Many teachers go on to research well further than their grad school. Just as writing was the method to process and report the findings while back in school.

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