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My Truth - Creepy Things

I'm linking up with Denise from Sunny Days in Second Grade for her new Monday series, My Truth.  What an awesome idea and I'm so happy I can link up with her today to discuss creepy things.

Food: Seriously, mayo grosses me out.

Scary movies:  You will never, ever, ever catch me watching a scary movie.  I have a hard time even watching The Walking Dead and have to cover my eyes during the gory parts.

Creepy thing:  I am terrified of snakes to the point that I have nightmares about them.  I can't even look at ones on TV.  You won't catch me watching Animal Planet, because they always have commercials with snakes.  Another perk of living in Hawaii is that there are no snakes here!  Well, they do have on Hawaiian snake but it just looks like a black worm.  

Can you guys believe Halloween is almost here?