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October Currently

I'm finally on top of things, so I can participate in Oh' Boy 4th Grade's October Currently.

Listening: I don't actually watch Sons of Anarchy but my husband does.  Even though, I've kinda gotten sucked in this year.  Anyone else watch this show?

Loving:  Fall Break is next week.  I'm super excited to spend our days sitting on the beach and hiking with the kiddos.

Thinking:  I've really got to start exercising.  Ugh.  

Wanting: JR Ward (one of my favorite author's) just released her newest book today, Possession.  Come on Fall Break so I can sit on the beach and read!

Needing:  Oh my word, do I need a haircut!!!  I have an appointment on Friday and can't wait!!  I'm trying a new place, and I'm super nervous.  I sure hope they're good.

Trick or Treat:  I just love all the ghost poop pictures I've been seeing on Pinterest.  I really wanted to make these this year, so I set off to find a freebie tag for the bag.  I was in luck, because Mighty Delighty has a super cute one {here}.  How adorable is this??

Happy October everyone!  I can't believe it's fall and the holidays will be here soon!


  1. Our needing is the same!! Not too long before you get a break - enjoy it!!
    The E-Z Class

  2. Love the ghost poop! I also need to exercise--I wish we had fall break!!! Enjoy it!!

  3. The Ghost Poop is hilarious!!


  4. You're trying a new place??? WHAT? Where? And ummm....I am coming to the beach with you! I'll leave Adam at home;)

    Tonya’s Treats for Teachers