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Time is Running Out (giveaway and a sale!)

Before I get to the important stuff (ya know the sale!), there's 2 things that running out of time quick!

First, have you check out this awesome Educents Bundle?

There's only 3 days left, and you can get some AWESOME stuff for only $29.99.  You don't want to miss out on this deal, because you'll be saving some serious money with this great price.  Click {here} to check it out.

Second, my Pin It to Win It giveaway is almost over!  You only have today to enter and then you can win any item you want from my store!  So click {here} to enter.

And I know a bunch of you are lesson planning and planning activities for the month of October.  I put all of Halloween themed items on sale for HALF off just for today!  Click on any of the pictures to check them out.  

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