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What's for Dinner Wednesday #3

Hi everyone!  It's time for my favorite weekly post now that I'm back from the pool.  :)  I will say our schedule got all kinds of screwed up this past week.  Things I had planned on making didn't get made and there were a few nights that we ate leftovers or frozen pizza.  So this week's post doesn't have as many meals as I like.

This first meal of BBQ Comfort Meatballs by The Pioneer Woman was so delicious!  If you've never checked out her recipes, you should.  They are super easy, and I love her pictures giving you step-by-step directions.  These meatballs make a great weekend meal or if you're home on a break (like me!), because they are a little time consuming.  

This Angel Chicken by Mix n' Match Mama was a BIG hit with the kids.  The triplets even took the leftovers in a thermos for their lunch at school.   You know it's a hit if it's worthy enough for school lunch!

If you haven't noticed, I love slow cooker meals.  Even on weekends, they're great, because we can go do family stuff and come home to a good meal.  These Slow Cooker Fajitas by Six Sisters' Stuff are perfect for any day of the week.

My daughter turned 15 yesterday.  How in the world is that even possible?  To celebrate her birthday, we had a BBQ with all of her friends and our neighbors.  My husband grilled burgers, brats, and hotdogs.  While I made my favorite mac 'n cheese ever {read about that recipe here} and baked beans.  I looked at some recipes online and came up with this, which was super yummy!  Click on the picture to download your own recipe.

We had some bananas that they kids hadn't eaten, and they were getting too ripe.  I hardly ever have bananas get that too ripe in this house.  When it does happen, I make banana bread {here}.  It's sooo yummy when it's warm right out of the oven.
Anyone try anything new this week?  Since I had to move my menu around, I should be back next week with some great new recipes to review.


  1. I have a BBQ meatball recipe that is similar to the one you found, but it does not require the cooking of meatballs first. It is simple and very yummy. I would be willing to share if I knew how to get it to you. :)

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